Some Messages Through Pastor Jeremy Witherow

A mentor figure organised a small group gathering with Ps Jeremy Witherow early Feb 2023 just before we moved and everyone received a prophetic message from Ps Jeremy. Wife and myself attended.

God continued to speak about 2 messages and I write about it at Matthew 2023 and Contend In Prayers.

Writing some key messages (for me) for memory sake and for sharing. These are messages that can and should be applied to all of us disciples.

  • I look to people for approval that I’m doing things correctly. Sometimes I get into a pattern of trying to please other people. Leave the expectations of others around me to themselves. Seek to be one whose actions, behaviours and thoughts are to please the Lord.
  • Dream big for the future. The enemy came to discourage you many times but I’m going to pour such love into you and lift the heaviness from you.
  • You are a diligent man, commends you for having a great perseverance and stamina. Keep on keeping on.
  • Call you to be one to mentor young people, give to you the heart that will disciple many
  • a new prayer assignment for your life this year
  • dreams that are in your heart, I want you to write down on paper, I want you to begin to contend for those things in prayers, and even talking to different people how to get things off the ground and moving forward. God will give wisdom to you to make crooked paths straight.
  • I have not called you to failure, I have called you to be an overcomer
  • have not called you to be one who would look back anymore over your shoulder
  • Let’s work together
  • Let’s start inside building a great commitment to the Word, eat the Word of God, like David meditate on the Word day and night
  • The Word will create life in you, God will pour wisdom into you.
  • Certain projects that you want to see, God will cause there to be favourable circumstances
  • It’s a year of new beginnings. The old has passed, the new has come. Put off the old that is corrupted, put on the new that’s being made righteous in Christ; clothe your mind of the Word of God
  • I want you to come before me, consecrate your heart through prayer, through the Word of God

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