“Staff” Of My Life

17 Dec 2020

Having coffee with a pastor and brother and he started to pray for me.

Word was “Be Jay” and “Staff”

  1. Be Jay – Just be who I am
  2. Staff – Story of Moses and his staff. God will use the “staff” of my life to perform miracles.

So I began to wonder, what’s the staff of my life? I need to pick up the “staff” of my life. Was it my skills, relationship, network? What is it?

19 Dec 2020

First thing when I woke up, Spirit to spirit I knew instantly, Staff = Faith.

Suddenly I realised when Moses lifted his staff, staff was the physical object, spiritually it was his faith. So the staff of my life is my faith.

Through my faith, miracles will be done.

29 Dec 2020

Was led to have coffee with a leader in the Kingdom. In our conversation, he was sharing that faith is the spiritual gift associated with the gift of strategic vision and forward thinking. Suddenly I realised that in the physical it’s staff, in the spiritual it’s faith and in the execution of business and ministry, it’s our gift of strategic visioning. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m quite visionary, big picture, forward looking kind of guy.

He also shared four levels of faith. Conversion > Conviction > Provision > Miraculous.

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