The Remnants

28 Aug 2022

At church leader’s retreat meeting, I presented about Adults Ministry but Spirit led to do it differently. I shared about struggles, and God’s mind and heart for Adults Ministry and the Adults congregation.

I had lunch with a few leaders and was sharing more about my own wilderness journey (not about Adults ministry) and somehow I shared until I began to cry.

At the end of the leader’s retreat meeting, I was very tired spiritually. Maybe it’s because of all the programs and structure of the church (which in itself is good). But perhaps the Holy Spirit is not “allowed” to move freely, constrained by policies and structures. Maybe that’s the main reason I felt very tired spiritually after the meeting.

The next morning, God ministered to my tired soul.

I saw a white horse coming (Jesus is coming back)

Saw many remnants all over the world. We don’t know each other yet but God is raising His army bride.

With raised hands, the remnants worship the Lord. I see wife and our children doing the same, smaller figures behind me.

“Fire stones” thrown onto the earth. Judgement and tribulations are coming.

The remnants are all naturally just saying “Holy is the Lord, in the midst of fires thrown down. Total peace.

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