Thoughts Of Serving God Full Time, Soared Like Eagles

Was feeling burdened and worried that I have not saved enough money. Felt that current work is frustrating and felt like leaving to serve God full time but felt trapped as I have not saved enough money.

Car broke down and had to be towed, missed marketplace ministry dinner. Felt so burdened that I can’t walk well and breathe well.

Looked to God and felt God’s presence but the burden and worries continued. Claimed God’s promises in Matthew 11:28, Matthew 6:25-34, Psalms 46:10, Matthew 5:14-16. During family prayers at night, Matthew 6 ministered to me.

Next morning, sing praises and God ministered to me.

3 Dec 2019

During time with God in worship and prayers, I would go into a vision of soaring like eagle, Over the course of a week of so, it happens more than 5 times.

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