We are out of money again. Left with slightly less than 1 month worth of business + personal expenses.

Feeling super overwhelmed with the amount of tasks required for execution. Combine that with the fact that we are out of money again.

“Overwhelmed” feeling is a “no peace” feeling. I know it’s not good. I took some time to pray and rest.

God almost immediately started speaking to me about time. That the time He gave is sufficient and I need to surrender time to Him. He spoke through the Bridal Harvest letter of 26 May 2022 which came on youtube while I was praying. As I was praying and listening, it’s totally speaking to me.

As God spoke, I continued to lament to Him how tough this whole thing is. I’m totally spent (Psalms 31:10). It’s super difficult to be almost down to our last dollar again, have super a lot of tasks to execute with little to no help, and then God tell me to give my time to Him. It’s really hard to reconcile such commands.

However God is gracious. I did feel much much lighter after God spoke to me and I took Clara out for a bicycle ride that evening, trusting God that everything is ok. I had my peace that surpasses understanding that evening and for the weekend.

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