Walk On Mountains and Oceans

15 Feb 2020

During morning prayers and worship, was crying out to God. Holy Spirit invited me to walk on ocean. Physically I walked (in my room). Spiritually I walked and gave everything to Jesus. There is absolutely nothing I want to keep for myself, I cry out to Jesus. I see myself on the mountain and on the ocean. I see the startup I’m working at and a differently-abled man that I became friends with as I always walked past him on my way to office. God seems to be saying He brings me wherever He wants, across borders, be it in my work or in loving the poor and oppressed.

20 Feb 2020

During morning prayer, my heart opens, heaven opens, connected by light, Jesus descends from heaven into my heart

16 Mar 2020

Would you carry the cross of thousands up the mountain?

He has asked me time and again, would you father the fatherless, feed the hungry, free the oppressed and 

Would you carry the cross of thousands up the mountain? 

I pray for total obedience in His perfect time 

3 Apr 2020

During morning worship, placed my fears, anxieties, burdens, strivings at the foot of calvary. The Lord ministered to my soul

Be still and know that I am God

Not my will but God’s will be done

See faint vision of me with the cross up on the mountain. Cross beams very big and glowing with Christ standing behind it. Mountain becomes smaller compared to cross.

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