World’s Narrative

The world narative is loud and confusing. God’s narrative or voice is a whisper and clear. 

Had a good friend, smart guy. Also very excited by the vision I had for an idea I was working on. The advice and strategies are what I would have embraced before I embarked on this journey with God. However it’s draining when the world shouts at you to operate a certain way but God whispers to you to operate another way. It’s actually easier said than done to follow God’s whisper in the midst of the world’s narrative surrounding us all the time. It requires will to make a choice to follow God’s whispers.

20 Nov 2021

Met a sister who was a mentor at this Christian startup community. It was super encouraging to me that it’s ok to totally follow God and God’s ways in building a venture. She did it too for many years and has testimonies to tell! I felt assured that if the world’s narrative opposes God’s whisper, follow God’s whispers.

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