Clara’s First Birthday

God provided a super nice and big Equarius Hotel Suite for us for Clara’s First Birthday celebration. I’ve always testified that in our current wilderness journey where we are frequently down to our last dollar, God has not let us go 1 day with a lack. He has met our every need. He truly has. And sometimes he surprises us with some provision that way beyond what we need. This is our Abba, He provides and He delights when we delight in Him. A little distinction between delighting in His gifts/provision and delighting in Him as a person. God delights when we first delight in Him as a person and then in His provisions and gifts.

Anyway Clara’s birthday is the same day as my church ministry’s fellowship event and so I was super tired on the day before and the day itself. Thank God we had super good fellowship event with the congregation and then a few rounds of birthday celebrations in the suite with friends and family. Tiring but God provided good rest on Saturday night for the whole family and we wake up very refreshed on Sunday.

Special mention was my mother in law (non-believer) who joined the fellowship event and mentioned that she enjoyed it!

Thank God, praise God.

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