Enemies Disturbing And God Provides A Way

31 Oct 2018

Had 2 days of no “wifi” (spiritual connection with God), my temper became worse and I’m getting more impatient.

On 30 Oct 2018, I came across quite a few articles and comments online that Alpha course is bad, satanic, cult etc. That Nicky Gumbel is bad. I was a little confused but concluded that the enemy is casting doubt.

On the same night, while sleeping and half dreaming, many evil spirits came to disturb and plant evil thoughts in my mind.

I prayed hard, fought hard.

At one point, I became exasperated and shouted “I have no fear, I have no fear”

I then received an “electricity jolt”. It was the Holy Spirit descending onto me.

The next moment I knew, my wife was beside me. I had automatically woken up when she came onto the bed. I told her what happened in my “half dream” state and prayed.

The next morning she told me she felt the evil spirits disturbing her sleep and she cried out to Jesus.

19 Nov 2018

On the 19th Nov 2018 I lost to the devil. I experienced “fit of rage”. Lost my temper at Sean and wife.

Under this state, when I’m outside I had no self-control and starting eating nuggets, curry puff etc. (bearing in mind I had stopped eating processed food since I fell sick) I also grew more grumpy and didn’t smile at strangers (out of courtesy).

By night, I chanced upon an old classmate’s testimony on Facebook. It reminded me of my relationship with Christ but I didn’t repent.

20 Nov 2018

I took a bus in the morning to the National Library. On the bus I re-read the old classmate’s testimony and felt sorry. Heart was soft this morning. I wanted to pray but the bus reached the destination. I wondered if I should pray in the library but felt unsettled. Decided to go to the nearest church which google maps brought me to Church of St Paul and Peter.

As I prayed in the sanctuary, I was sobbing with repentence. Full of tears and mucus. (Sorry for making a mess!)

I repented and started to plead with Father to help me with my career and to be Christ-like.

I felt better and started to do some work in the library.

During lunch I met an elder figure from Alpha course for lunch catch-up. We had a deep conversation on various things. Teared a few times with him. Felt I’m on track with God.

Went for interview skype call with a China private school at the cafe inside National Library to teach freelance. I like what I hear and the interview went well.

Right after I hung up, a German stranger walked up to me. We chatted for 2 hours ending with a visit to his office.

The next 2 weeks

I like many things that he spoke about such as what his team is doing etc. Turns out he had worked on this side hustle for a year and today is the first day he is working full time on the startup. It’s a real estate blockchain startup which is something I’m quite keen on too. I observed and deduced that he is a family man. He was last the COO of a german MNC. Downside is we didn’t speak about salary. However I started working with him on the startup for about 2 weeks, to get a sense if this is something I want to work on.

Felt that this is God working to help me with my career.

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