New Job 2018

During my graduate days at University of Cambridge, I pondered the next decade of my career and concluded on 2 main long term trends that I would like to ride on, namely Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. I was primarily interested in Artificial Intelligence. For Blockchain, I was mainly interested in the tokenization of assets as I can relate to how the technology can transform capital markets.

God first brought me to get “involved” in a real estate blockchain startup which led me to join a blockchain conference and bumped into an old school mate.

School mate was speaking on a panel and I was in the audience. I was surprised to learn that he is very aligned to my thinking on blockchain. I muttered a quick prayer if I should approach him, God was silent. I went up to him and he recognised me from far. We had quick lunch and in 30 mins, sort of hit it off.

School mate gave me a list of companies he owns and ask me which I’m interested in. I was only interested in one new idea, it’s not formed as a business yet.

At this point I became super confused. The real estate blockchain startup which God brought about divinely seems to provide some work-life balance and the founder seemed supportive of family which is very important to me. The startup is rather interesting but real estate is not something I know well. On the other hand the school mate made me worried about have to party, drink and the potential lack of support for family. The idea is very aligned to my interests and capital markets is something I know well.

I messaged some brothers and they said to pray together after church coming Sunday.

God didn’t need me to wait till Sunday, as part of the messages God told me during this 3 hours intense spiritual encounter, He told me to help this schoolmate. In my mind, I’m thinking it’s to work with him but more so, perhaps spiritually there’s something God wants me to help with?

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