God Never Gives Up

God told me to help this school mate and at this point I was working with him.

I was on business trip and the first few days God kept asking me to share how God asked me to help him.

It was really hard for me to find the right window to start. There were a few opportunities but I couldn’t get started and missed the opportunities. It was really hard task to me.

I also couldn’t understand how he would understand what I mean because I didn’t think he is Christian or anything. As God kept prompting, I kept asking Him to help with my task.

Finally its the end of the trip and we were in the taxi to airport. I thought I had failed my task.

There’s a traffic jam and in fact my friend asked me about church first. So that open up a straight path for me to start the topic. I happened to have my journal in my bag and so I took it out and showed him the entry relevant to him.

Then I got a big surprise, my friend told me he was a back-sliding Christian. At the moment I look up the sky and I’m amazed how God goes to great length to find His lost sheep and He NEVER gives up…

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