Moving To Jakarta

8 Jan 2022:

Spoke to an assigned mentor for 2 hours as part of a program. Had a very direct, honest, authentic and vulnerable conversation. 

As part of the conversation, the mentor asked if I’m ready to move to Jakarta. My first response after 5 seconds of thinking was: No, I don’t think so. (main reason was family. My son just got into primary school, God had just moved us into this new place for 1 year, I’m not sure what my wife would think of moving again!)

However we continued the conversation and then I began to think he may be right and I sensed that God indeed seem to be planting this idea in my mind through him to re-locate to Jakarta. We basically broke down the various parts.

– My heart has always been for Indonesia both intellectually (4th most populous country, young demographics, dynamic population, cheaper cost base, bigger market etc) and also spiritually (all along I know God is going to bring us into Indonesia for His work)

– My wife is a home-maker, baby girl is reaching 1 year old which is good time to move (We moved to UK when my elder son was this age too). I had some concerns for primary school for my elder son. Parents are independent and don’t need me physically.

–  God has been opening doors for Jakarta over the last few months, I had began to build a team in Jakarta and indeed already have full timer there working. On the flipside, God “cleared” the team and I actually have no one working full time in Singapore for now.

That night I told one of my cell groups, my Jakarta full timer and my wife that God seems to be asking us to re-locate. In my quick conversations with God that evening while travelling I sensed yes, maybe. That night my wife told me she is actually excited and will just go with the flow. Her only concern was healthcare in case the kids get Covid. She has no much concerns about education etc which caught me by surprise.

The next morning I learnt from people that I can apply for a Leave of absence for my elder son and anytime we want to come back he can return to the primary school. Now I know why God wanted us to enter the school first even though we may have to move soon.

Apart from the general logistics, suddenly there isn’t much hurdles for our re-location now. Continuing to seek God for clear leading on this matter. 

13 Jan 2022:

Had a good catch up with a pastor and missionary. Regarding the recent call to re-locate the family, he provided great counsel to allow the call to cultivate by “throwing it back at God” by asking God continuously about it. If this is His call, lead the way etc. The clouds will gather and accumulate and when it finally rains, we know for sure it’s time. 

18 Jan 2022:

Continue to feel excited (with a little sense of not knowing what to expect) and peaceful as a family regarding moving to Jakarta. Most people I spoke to gave me a sense of peace too.

This morning during worship, I was thinking of Indonesia and Jakarta when this song by JPCC came up. I started crying. Especially the parts “如今我全然相信,深知在祢凡事都可能“。 It’s like Abba giving me confidence and assurance that going to Jakarta will be ok and good.

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