Sean’s Primary School

I forgot the dates but there was one time I was waiting for train at Redhill MRT and just asking God what’s the plan for Sean’s school. Do I need to do anything? God said “I got it settled” So true enough we didn’t do anything. No parent volunteers. There was one morning I woke up and felt prompted to submit application as volunteer to grassroots and so I did. However I didn’t hear back from grassroot and I didn’t push.

In our heart, we knew whichever school God chooses for Sean will be the best for him.

Sometime Nov 2022

Around this time, I start to get a sense that God wants Sean in a mission school, probably a Methodist school. I also begin to sense that it’s not ACS Junior/Primary.

Then at the “worst” possible time, God started asking us to move house. We had just stepped into this uncertain season, wife was heavily pregnant and vomited for 5 months. The last thing on my mind was to move house.

On my wife side God was leading her to move and even found some solutions for her. I discerned and sort of sense that yes it’s from God.

Jan 2021

We knew if it’s from God, He will make the path straight. so we started looking for apartment.

We saw one unit, prayed, no go.

Sister who was helping us as agent kept urging us to consider another development though it was out of our budget. We discerned at her urging and agreed to view one unit.

We prayed and separately but together all three of us given Proverbs 16:9 In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps. 

For me the Lord is saying offer the right amount of rent according to your logical thinking. Leave the rest to Him. He can provide in any ways, whether it’s a low rent we pay or some other ways. This was very similar to the lesson He taught us when buying the car. 

In the end, we got a great unit at a great price, landlord was very generous, and we rented out our own flat at a good price too! Just like that we moved!

After we moved in, we realized God’s choice is really good. The space is enough for our use, swimming pool is good for wife and kids, bathhub is good for me, there’s a basketball inside the estate which I loved, there’s a putting space for me, the bigger table is good for hosting and the study is conducive.

30 July 2021

Sean’s primary school outcome: Exact number of spaces and applicants within 1 km (this is us because God asked us to move). No balloting required hence we got in during phase 2B. Did a little sharing on facebook on this journey. Perfect timing, details and on 29 Jul, it’s a little birthday present for wife.

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