Silent Retreat 2021

This year I’ve not had the chance to spend a proper silent retreat with God. For the last weekend, I kept it free and intended to spend as much time as I can with God. Of course, inevitably we will still have our children with us.

Last night I went to bed by turning my face towards God as I continued walking with Him in this narrow road. I write here:


In the morning, I was left with Clara at home and we worshipped together using a lot of Stream of Praise long videos. For hours we worshipped. For the whole session the tears cannot stop flowing as God ministered and I throw myself into whole-hearted worship unto the Lord whom we call Abba.

The entire weekend is restful and joyful time with God and family. I finished one of the books about walking in the wilderness which God recently brought to my attention. Thank God for this book. The title is “One in a million” It really encouraged me to continue walking in the wilderness with God. It articulated many things that we have experienced in a way that assures and encourages me. 

This silent retreat wasn’t that silent and I didn’t get to spend that much time alone with God in intimate fellowship as I would have liked but it’s still a good time to end 2021 and to be ready for 2022.

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